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How We Decide What Type of Family Camping Tent to Buy?

Jun 08 2017 - 14:46 PM

It is always great to go camping with my family, but it wasn't always in the beginning. When we first decided to switch our trips that catered to staying at the next great hotel for the great outdoors with two small children the whole idea was a bit scary. My husband and I were not sure what to do. We had done a great deal of camping on our own, but since having children we weren't up for the challenge until one day when we both looked and each other and said "What are we waiting for?"

We knew that having the perfect family camping tent was important but it was difficult to decide which family tent to buy that would best suit all of our needs. We searched and searched for the best family tent out there and as many of you know this chore can be quite daunting. When we sat down and discussed what we most wanted in a family tent this is what we felt best suited the needs of our family:

We needed space. It had to be big enough for 4 people but it needed to be roomy enough so that if we were confined to the tent for long hours due to poor weather that no one would feel claustrophobic. A large tent was what we wanted but nothing too big. We also needed the extra room for some any additional items that we help to have on hand with two small children. For example, a few extra toys, blankets and snacks that were readily available. Having a family tent that had big windows that would allow for great airflow and would give the impression of being outside even if we had to stay in the camping tent especially in the evenings due to bugs was important. This is a likely scenario in our neck of the woods? We also wanted our family tent to be easy to set up, not too heavy and made of sturdy material. Our family tent had to be a nice looking tent, one that would reflect our design tastes as well as meet our comfort needs.

We were aware that our family needs will change as our children become older so buying a family tent that is not too expensive is also a factor we considered. We finally settled on a family camping tent that we thought would best suit our needs. Guess what? After all that, it turns out that it is perfect! So when you are searching for the best family tent out there. Make a list, think of what you desire most based on your family's needs. You may find out that is may not as difficult as you think. Happy Camping!

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