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Press release for tug-of-war competition

Oct 08 2017 - 14:46 PM

In order to enrich the spirit and cultural life of all employees and enhance the cohesion of the group company, the group company will hold the "National Day" tug of war competition on September 30, 2017.Each team showed the strongest team, working together to win the first place.When the whistle of the game rings,DE, the players' mouth chanting " One, two, one, two" together, Grasp the long rope with both hands, and hold it hard and pull back, corporate leaders are beside the team supporting them go, The uninitiated cheerleaders cheer for the players ,The sound of trumpets, shouts of shouts,  floating in the sky.After hard work, the business department team won the first prize in the "National Day" tug of war.Through the tug of war, the team spirit of the company has been developed, so that the employees can gather the collective strength and improve the teamwork and perseverance of the company.

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