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What is the role of silicone bracelet?

Aug 13 2018 - 11:41 AM

1. Prevent sweat from flowing to the player's hands and cause slipping.

Because it is made of high-grade environmentally friendly silica gel, it can effectively absorb the sweat discharged from the human body and prevent sweat from flowing to the player's hand to cause slipping.


2. In order to facilitate team identification.

American street basketball is popular, as a golfer who does not know (Americans often play streetball alone, so the jerseys in the game may be different.) In order to carry out some meaning cooperation in the game (mostly aerial relay) ), often have to reach out to the ball, and they identify the teammate's logo is the color of the wrist band on the wrist.


Why are there 4 to 5 wristbands of different colors in the pockets of streetball masters, just to facilitate team formation! !


3. To convey the beliefs of the wearer


People in today's society have more voices, and there are many ways to express their thoughts and beliefs. Because the DIY of the silicone wristband is very flexible, it can completely engrave the LOGO text that you want to express on the wrist strap according to people's requirements, so as to achieve the belief of the wristband. The EXO Silicone Bracelet is a fan and advocacy of EXO fans to express EXO.


4. Stylish and trendy decorations


The color of the silicone bracelet is colorful, and you can choose your favorite color and style according to your preference. After wearing it, you can match it with your own clothing to make it a good decoration. Chasing fashion must-have items.

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